We have a Winner for Best Harbor!

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It’s been a long, tight race and the time has finally come to announce the winner!

Padanaram, South Dartmouth, MA is the Best Harbor of 2019!

Honorable Mentions:

Florence, OR

Lubec, ME

Rockland, ME

Oyster Bay, NY

Sausalito, CA

The Best Harbor contest kicked off in January with 1,278 harbors across 23 states. During the nomination phase readers of US Harbors narrowed down the list of eligible harbors leaving 90 across the US. Every harbor received votes but only Padanaram/South Dartmouth received hundreds of votes, comments, pictures and suggestions. Community residents shared the contest via email, social media and word of mouth and ran a formidable grass roots campaign.

For us the best part of the contest was getting to read personal stories and feedback about the people, places, businesses and events that make each of the US Harbors special. Our readers shared all of their local favorite things-to-do and we took note, updating our site with the suggestions provided.

Even though the contest has come to a close we hope that you will continue to let us know about your harbor and what makes it special! We love hearing about events in your community, promoting local businesses and helping spread the word on what makes your harbor the best harbor. Let us know about events and harbor info in your area by emailing [email protected] and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!