Preparedness still key as more storms expected to develop

NOAA forecasters lower Atlantic hurricane season prediction

14/8/2018 - Conditions in the ocean and the atmosphere are conspiring to produce a less active Atlantic hurricane season than initially predicted in May, though NOAA and FEMA are raising caution as the season enters its peak months. “There are still more storms to come – the hurricane season is far from… SEE MORE

Best Beach Towns for 2018

12/7/2018 - It's mid-July, and if you haven't been to a beach yet, chances are you're thinking about it. But where to go? Where is the best beach near you? What makes it better than the rest? Weather, house prices, crime rate, restaurants and more are all factored in to a report… SEE MORE
Storm paths from 2017's hurricane season - Wikipedia

Hurricane Season 2018 is now underway

6/6/2018 - The Atlantic Hurricane season officially began on June 1st, however, on May 25th the first named storm, tropical cyclone Alberto, entered the Gulf of Mexico. It was the first storm to be named in May since 1976. Originally, the predictions for the 2018 Atlantic Basin hurricane season were for an… SEE MORE
Grayton Beach Coastal Dune Lake

Top 3 beach communities in South Walton Beach, Florida

29/5/2018 - On the Emerald Coast of Florida in the northern Panhandle lies a beautiful place called South Walton Beach. (nearest Harbor: Destin, FL) It's a beautiful coastline lined with primarily single-family homes and low-rise condominiums (under 50 feet tall). The sand along the beaches of South Walton is fluffy white and… SEE MORE
A Mozambican fisherman

The History of Seine Fishing

23/5/2018 - Beach seining is an activity that involves pulling a long seine through the water of an adjacent beach. A seine is usually manned by two people, one on each end of the net. With smaller nets, and where allowed, one person can anchor an end to the beach and swing… SEE MORE