Get Ready for an Even Better USHarbors!

We're delighted with the growth of USHarbors over the past few months, as thousands of new people across the country have bookmarked our site for their daily dose of Tides, Weather, and Local Knowledge. Have you created a free account on USHarbors yet? If not, you'll want to do so right away. Starting next week, the benefits of a free account on USHarbors are going to take a giant leap forward. We're saving the grand unveiling of our upgrades for when the gates open at the Maine Boatbuilders Show in Portland, Maine, on March 16, but we can't resist offering a quick look at what's in store exclusively for registered users of USHarbors.

Better Maps and Charts

Updated Maps
Updated Maps

Of all the improvements we'll be launching next week, the new mapping upgrades are without a doubt the feature we're most excited about. Want to see all the Local Knowledge for a particular harbor? Hit "Map View" and you'll see it all right there in front of you, complete with a nautical chart layer. If you're interested in wandering a bit, tapping on the "Explore" button at the top of any page opens up a full-size map  of all content within USHarbors. This feature really ought to include a Surgeon General's warning: It's seriously addictive, and you shouldn't be surprised if you find yourself spending hours sliding from harbor-to-harbor and state-to-state.

Introducing Tips

Post harbor tips
Harbor Tips

We recognize that not everyone has time to type out a full harbor report or image gallery after your day exploring the coast. Which is why we created Tips, a simple way of posting a brief (140 characters maximum) tidbit of information designed to help the boaters and other coastal travelers who travel in your wake. Have you discovered a great dockside pub? You'll be able to post a tip about it. You can even include a photo of your pint on the shore. Want to let people know where to find the most inexpensive dock space for the night? Post a tip. Sharing your Local Knowledge with other boaters doesn't get any easier than this, and it'll be exclusively for registered users of USHarbors.

Simple Navigation

Simple navigation
Navigation made simple

As boaters, we know that good navigation is key, whether you're exploring a harbor or a website. So we've streamlined the way you navigate each of the 1,149 harbors within the USHarbors network to make toggling between the three things you need — Tides, Weather, and Local Knowledge — seamless and intuitive. You'll find buttons for each right at the top of every harbor page, making it a breeze to check the weather, find the tides, and read the latest local knowledge before you set sail.


Filter the feed
Focus your Local information with filters

We're also going to introduce a slew of new filters that will allow you to focus your Local Knowledge around only the stories and information you want to see. Interested in only the updates happening right around a particular harbor? You'll be able to click the "Local" filter. If you want to see all the updates for a specific state or even the entire country, we've created simple filters to allow you to easily peruse that Local Knowledge, too.

Our business directory, too, has been greatly improved by adding filters to allow you to easily limit your options to only marine or shoreside businesses, or else to see all the thousands of listings in our national directory. When you're browsing one of our maps, the "business directory" button is always right in front of you — click on it and you're able to search by location or category. Finding the information you need couldn't be any simpler.

Introduce Yourself

Filter the feed
Community Members

All of these upgrades will make participating in USHarbors even more rewarding and, most importantly, fun! As registered users, we're hoping you'll take the lead as soon as we launch our upgrades and load your home harbors with Local Knowledge that will benefit boaters and other coastal travelers traveling in your wake. How about posting a few Tips? A photo or two can go a long way toward letting people know how gorgeous the place you call home really is, so why not post a photo gallery? And if you've got more to say about a particular destination, harbor reports are a great way to share in-depth information with other users of USHarbors. The upgrades are going live next week, so make sure to update your profile photo today so that others know who is offering such great local info.

Already, USHarbors has become the best digital community of boaters and other coastal travelers around. With these upgrades — and with your help — we will continue to be the best single resource for Tides, Weather, and Local Knowledge anywhere on the Web.

We look forward to meeting you on the coast!