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The USHarbors Coastal Guide app for iPhone is now available. Click the link in the right column to visit the iTunes App Store.

CLICK HERE to download our Coastal Guide for iPhone

The Coastal Guide apps are extensions of our already popular business guide at, which sees an average of more than 500,000 visits every month. Through gorgeous photographs, maps, and more, this new Coastal Guide presents the finest coastal businesses in a mobile-friendly, visually stunning format.

States included in this version:

• Rhode Island
• Massachusetts
• New Hampshire
• Maine

Looking for a coastal guide outside New England? Check out USHarbors in the browser on your smartphone — it's all perfectly optimized for your phone.


• Photo View, List View or Map View Browsing
• Location-Aware to find nearby businesses
• Offline Access to Guide


With your permission, the location-aware tools will show you all the great resources around you. If you're not at your final destination, browse by harbor to research your next waypoint. No internet connection? No problem - all of the business information is accessible offline and any timely data will be updated after you re-connect.

Nearby and Category Search


The USHarbors Coastal Guide Apps will help you find new destinations, marinas, boatyards, coastal restaurants, and great shopping. All of the businesses in the USHarbors Coastal Guide can be browsed and searched by category or by harbor. Browsing in the photo view makes it easy to find the perfect boat, the right restaurant for your evening's festivities, or the finest marina for you to tie up to for a night or a week. List view sorts alphabetically when you know the name of the place you're headed. Map view shows you all of the businesses in a specific area. Want to see only those businesses that are near you? Just click the "Find me" button and allow the app to find your location. Tap the views button in the top right to switch from view to view.

Photo View and Map View
Select Harbor and Business Page
Splash Screen and Menu

Coastal Businesses can click here to learn more about the marketing opportunities on USHarbors.